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Commercial building inspection firm, Unlimited Inspection & Construction Fabrication is highly skilled and prepared to handle your needs throughout the entire process.  Find your commercial building inspector at  We are service Multnomah, Yamhill and Clackamas counties in Oregon and Clark, Cowlitz and Skamania counties in Washington State.

Building codes require a special inspector be employed for the entire process.  This inspector can be employed directly by the construction firm, or independently – such as Unlimited Inspection & Construction Fabrication.

Take advantage of this independently owned and operated inspection service’s knowledge and more than ten years experience of the inspectors and be confident that your process will be kept on schedule.  From the initial site inspection and testing to final inspections, Unlimited Inspection & Construction Fabrication will provide the most professional services throughout the entire project.  We pride ourselves on our close working relationship with everyone in the building process from clients to the construction team on the ground.

The special inspectors at Unlimited Inspection & Construction Fabrication know that keeping a commercial building project on schedule is crucial to and they are prepared to complete inspections when scheduled and keep the keep the project on a strict timetable.  One of the worst things that can happen on any construction project is to be delayed by lax inspection schedules.  Your deputy inspector will pay special attention to detail to ensure that your inspections will be completed on time.

Some of the services that Unlimited Inspection & Construction Fabrication provide range from the inspection of reinforced concrete, reinforcing steel and bolts, structural steel and welding, fireproofing, and torque testing – all for new construction or a retro-fit of an existing building.  They also have a full service testing facility for materials testing which is fully accredited and nationally recognized.  And they are able to guarantee competitive prices and complete your job on time and on budget.  And, in addition to compliance with building code requirements, they also offer expert quality control monitoring throughout various stages of the process to comply with specifications, recognized standards, and contract documents. Go to for a complete list of services.

Unlimited Inspection & Construction Fabrication has provided inspections for a variety of important projects including but not limited to park renovations, hospitals, parking garages, educational facilities, as well as commercial and residential facilities.  With such great projects in their professional portfolio, Unlimited Inspection & Construction Fabrication will be able to accommodate your commercial building project whether it is large or small and no matter how complicated.

When you are searching for a great service team to work with on your project, you will need to go no further than Unlimited Inspection & Construction Fabrication.  Opt for the quality, dedication, and experience that we offer.  Find all the information you need by going to

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