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Office Building Inspection

Office Building Inspection is one of Unlimited Inspections & Construction Fabrication main offerings. When an office building is being planned and built, the building code requires special inspections to be executed throughout construction. Building codes exist to specifically dictate a standard level of safety in structures such as office buildings. Building inspections are the means to make sure that the building code is adhered to. This ensures that the building is safe in regards to the general welfare of the people that occupy it.

Typically, these office building inspections are executed by a jurisdictional inspector and a special construction inspector and can be carried out in a few different ways. The office building inspections can be employed by the owner directly; by the architect or engineering firm that is designing the office building; by the firm providing the technical data on soils and other geologic matters; or by the owner’s representative.

Unlimited Inspections & Construction Fabrication recognizes the expanding needs the construction industry and makes office building inspection simple for contractors by possessing expertise in a wide array of disciplines:

  • Whenever a structure requires the placement of reinforced steel, and all placement of concrete that surpasses the threshold of 2500 pounds per square inch, Unlimited Inspections & Construction Fabrication tests to ensure contract compliance for slump, temperature, air content and compression.
  • Whenever a structure utilizes reinforced concrete, Unlimited Inspections & Construction Fabrication carries out required testing for pre-construction masonry prisms and mortar quality. Unlimited Inspections & Construction Fabrication thoroughly tests during the placement of masonry units and reinforced steel, during all grouting operations and before enclosing clean outs.
  • Unlimited Inspections & Construction Fabrication provides continuous or periodic inspection during placement of reinforced steel/rebar before the enclosing of formwork and placement of concrete.
  • Unlimited Inspections & Construction Fabrication provides testing of seismic-force resisting systems, including the inspection of pre-stress/ post-tension concrete to test reinforced steel, pre-stressing tendons, application of stressing forces, and the grouting of bonded pre-stressing tendons.
  • Required inspection of the welding of a steel member or any other connection that is required to withstand loads and forces, including the welding of special moment-resisting steel frames and reinforced steel can be carried out by Unlimited Inspections & Construction Fabrication.
  • When a structure is being built within seismic zones 3 and 4 (California, and parts of Nevada, Oregon and Washington, Unlimited Inspections & Construction Fabrication carries out nondestructive testing methods on welded, fully restrained connections between ordinary moment frames and special moment-resisting frames to fully comply with the specifications of the job.
  • When a structure utilizes high strength bolting, Unlimited Inspections & Construction Fabrication provides the required inspections for the installation and tightening of bolts A325 and A490.
  • To ensure that a structure is in compliance with UBC Standard 7-6, Unlimited Inspections & Construction Fabrication inspects and tests all fireproofing.
  • Unlimited Inspections & Construction Fabrication is familiar with the inspection of the application of Shot Crete, which is pneumatically projected concrete which is applied to a surface at a high velocity.
  • DSA and OSHPD requires that an inspection of the application of torque loads be performed for post installed drilled-in expansion or chemical-type anchors in concrete or masonry by a firm like Unlimited Inspections & Construction Fabrication.
  • Unlimited Inspection & Construction Fabrication inspects all drill-in anchors, including expansion anchors, chemical adhesive and/or grouted anchors, and un-reinforced masonry anchors.
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