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Construction Inspection

Construction inspection is a required process in any construction project, large or small. Whether the structure being built is an office building, a skyscraper, or an industrial facility, construction inspection must be carried out continuously or periodically during construction to ensure that the structure will be compliant with all local building codes.

Building codes are very important because they practically guarantee that a structure built in accordance with the code will be safe for all people that enter and occupy the structure. This is because the codes state what is acceptable in regards to materials that are used for building, techniques that are used for installation, and layout designs required for certain types of structures (such as number and placement of exits). Penalties for not following building codes (which basically endangers anyone within or near structures) involve steep monetary fines, loss of accreditations, and sometimes most importantly, a decrease in professional reputation. So following building codes is the key to the success of any project, and this is the tool to which architectural and engineering firms in charge of the project can guarantee compliance with building codes.

Of course, not all construction inspection services are created equal. It is a boon to any project to have a construction inspection service on staff that is steadfastly determined to satisfy client needs and provide solutions to any construction effort. Unlimited Inspections & Construction Fabrication is this type of construction inspection service. They make it a point to supply clients with the broadest possible assortment of construction inspections in order to be the go to service company for any construction project.

Anytime a project requires the use of reinforced steel and concrete work (including Shot Crete, which is concrete that is installed pneumatically at high velocity), they can inspect and perform all necessary testing required, including all masonry and pre-construction masonry prisms, mortar field testing, rebar formwork, and pre stress / post-tension concrete. Anytime a project utilizes welding or high-strength bolting they should be called upon to inspect and test all load-bearing and force- resisting connectors.

Unlimited Inspection & Construction Fabrication offers quality control monitoring services for different stages to make sure that everything is in compliance with all specs, standards, and contract requirements.

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