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Home and Building Inspection

Building a home or commercial building in Oregon & Washington States? You need Unlimited Inspections & Construction Fabrication. They offer the highest quality home and business inspection in the locality.  Find your home building inspector at

Before you begin building your home or business, codes require that you employ an inspector, either directly by the construction company or an independently owned firm. Unlimited Inspections & Construction Fabrication is an independently owned and operated firm which offers the highest quality and dedication to service that you can find in your area.  The secret to their years of success is attention to detail and being able to provide the highest quality inspections and materials testing services, which has allowed them to grow their business to better serve your needs and live up to your expectations.

Based in Portland, Oregon they rely on more than 15 years of experience under one of the most rigid code requirements: Seismic code provisions. With all that expertise in your side, you can assure the best possible inspection and technical services representation in your project. They will provide quality inspections by working closely with clients, and contractors at the job site to ensure that the project will meet important death lines. Nothing can slow down a construction project more than waiting on inspections and paperwork. At Unlimited Inspection & Construction Fabrication you won’t need to worry about that because they try to eliminate these slowdowns and delays by working closely with everyone involved in the process.

In addition to these inspections, they offer high quality material testing and inspections.  The testing services laboratory is accredited by nationally recognized agencies and contains all the equipment to meet your project’s needs.  They offer competitive prices so your testing will be able to meet short deadlines. They also offer quality control monitoring to ensure that your project will comply with building specifications and contract documents.

Some of the quality services provided include, but are not limited to, reinforced concrete, fireproofing, high strength bolting, structural steel and welding, and non-destructive testing.

Some of the projects the Unlimited Inspection & Construction Fabrication has completed include commercial and residential buildings, park renovations, parking structures, hospitals, and so much more.  Your project can join those already in the portfolio of Unlimited Inspection & Construction Fabrication by contacting them at

They are recognized and approved by nationally recognizes agencies in the state of California, and local jurisdictions in Southern California.  They are prepared to offer proof of insurance and references upon request.

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