Deputy Inspection Services

Geotechnical Engineering

Unlimited Inspection & Construction Fabrication is an independent construction inspection service in Multnomah, Yamhill and Clackamas counties in Oregon and Clark, Cowlitz and Skamania counties in Washington State. They provide all the necessary inspections and material testing for your construction projects to be sure your project complies with local building codes and proceeds as scheduled.

Your deputy inspector will work closely with their clients and construction team members to provide much needed continuity in the inspection process, which, in its absence, can be a major problem in the construction process.  This attention to detail and consistent reliability has been the key to the success and continued growth of the inspection services business.

Geotechnical Engineering is a part of civil engineering and involves earthly materials.  Site inspection and testing will determine if the area to be built on and the building materials themselves will be safe for people and the environment.  After building has begun, the engineer will inspect and report on quality and perform tests on construction materials.

Building codes require that a deputy inspector be employed directly or indirectly by the owner of the project.  The deputy inspector must be employed either by the architect or engineering firm in charge of designing to project, the geologic or soils engineering firm providing the technical data, or an independent firm such as Unlimited Inspection & Construction Fabrication.

Unlimited Inspection & Construction Fabrication provides a wide variety of quality inspecting services including, but not limited to reinforced concrete, structural steel and welding, non-destructive testing, fireproofing, and epoxy dowel and anchor installation. Go to to find a complete list of services to be provided.

In addition to building code compliance, Unlimited Inspection & Construction Fabrication also provides quality control and testing services laboratory.  Quality control includes the monitoring of the various phases of the construction process which ensures compliance with recognized standards and contract documents. The testing laboratory is fully accredited by nationally recognized agencies such as the ICBO-ES and the City of Los Angeles, contains the necessary equipment for all your project requirements and guarantees competitive prices for 3, 7, 14 and 28 day-deadline requirements.

So when you are looking for a geological engineering firm or deputy inspector for your large building project, look no further than Unlimited Inspection & Construction Fabrication.  They will perform their duties on time and in a professional manner so that your building project will proceed in a timely manner and come in on time.  Find your engineer at and begin your professional relationship today.

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