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Commercial Building Inspection

Unlimited Inspection & Construction Fabrication is highly skilled and prepared to handle your needs throughout the entire process.  Find your commercial building inspector at  We are servicing Multnomah, Washington, Yamhill and Clackamas counties in Oregon and Clark, Cowlitz and Skamania counties in Washington State.

​When a construction effort includes the building of a commercial building, it is of the utmost importance to have a capable and high quality commercial building inspection service on your team. For most architects, engineers, and soils/geological firms heading construction projects around the state of Oregon and Washington, the natural choice for commercial building inspection is Unlimited Inspection & Construction Fabrication. UC & CF provides thorough and accurate work with a zeal for providing clients with unparalleled responsiveness to their specific needs.

Commercial building inspection can be very complicated. All aspects of the construction of buildings are required to conform to the rigid and sometimes complex standards of local codes. These codes are in place to make sure that they are constructed in a way that makes them as safe as possible for the people that occupy them. They cover everything from what kind of materials are required for the construction of various aspects of the structure, to fire safety, and accessibility for disabled persons. Depending on the jurisdiction, they can even dictate the allowable noise levels heard in and out of the structure. With such an exhausting set of measures of which conformance is not just a necessity, but the law, it is natural to appreciate how important it is not just to have a commercial building inspection service at your disposal, but a one that is accurate, reliable and committed to providing the best quality of work available in Oregon and Washington States.

Unlimited Inspection & Construction Fabrication is the best choice for commercial building inspections for many reasons. One major reason is the broad scope of the special construction/ deputy inspections and material testing they provide. All aspects of the placement of reinforced steel and concrete are inspected, including tests for slump, temperature, air content, and compression can be preformed. Special deputy inspection is preformed for pre-construction masonry prisms and mortar field testing. Inspections can be performed continuously during the installation of reinforcing steel/ rebar, or periodically before the formwork is enclosed and the concrete is placed. After the concrete is placed, inspections are preformed to test the pre-stress/ post-tension concrete to ensure that it is effective to withstand the seismic forces of an earthquake. All welding of connectors that are required to withstand loads and special-moment resisting steel frames are inspected by Unlimited Inspection & Construction Fabrication. They use non-destructive methods of seismic resistance testing for compliance with local codes and job specifications.

The preceding description of inspections offered by Unlimited Inspection & Construction Fabrication is just the tip of the iceberg that is the complete list of services that they provide for commercial building inspection. Unlimited Inspection & Construction Fabrication deliberately provides such a wide array of inspections and testing specifically to provide the best and most complete solutions for any construction project.

Services that Unlimited Inspection & Construction Fabrication provides range from the inspection of reinforced concrete, Shotcrete, reinforcing steel and bolts, structural steel and welding, high strength bolting, fireproofing, proprietary anchors, Suspended ceiling / T- Bar inspection, GPR (ground penetrating radar) scanning in concrete / masonry, concrete hardness testing, concrete field technicians for concrete quality control and torque testing to name a few – all for new construction or a retro-fit of an existing building.  They also employ full service testing facilities for materials testing which is fully accredited and nationally recognized.  And they are able to guarantee competitive prices and complete your job on time and on budget.  And, in addition to compliance with building code requirements, they also offer expert quality control monitoring throughout various stages of the process to comply with specifications, recognized standards, and contract documents.  Go to for a complete list of services.

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