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Certified Inspector

We all know how important it is to have a construction inspection service on staff for every construction project being undertaken. Construction inspections are required to prove and ensure that a construction project has been built according to the code, of which is mandatory by law. So finding a quality inspector is crucial. This is why when looking for an inspector, it should be an absolute priority that a certified inspector is utilized.  A certified inspector is one that has been recognized and approved by authoritative and preferably nationally-recognized entities and agencies. This ensures that the construction inspection services you are relying on to ensure compliance with building codes is a certified inspector.

Unlimited Inspection & Construction Fabrication is most definitely a certified inspector. They have been recognized and approved by agencies in the State of California such as: I.C.C. (formerly I.C.B.O.), A.C.I., ANSI, AWS, PTI.

Being a certified inspector in the eyes of the I.C.C. says an awful lot about Unlimited Inspection & Construction Fabrication. The I.C.C., or the International Code Council, leads the way in the United States when it comes to the evaluation of building products, construction procedures and installation. The I.C.C. came together when the four major building product evaluation services combined their operations into one entity. Being approved by this agency is a major step to being recognized as a certified  inspector.

A.C.I. stands for American Concrete Institute. They exist primarily to advance the knowledge of concrete and how to use it to its fullest and safest potential for construction purposes.

ANSI is the American National Standards Institute. It was founded in 1918 and remains a private, non-profit organization committed to facilitating the progress of U.S. businesses competitiveness and protecting the quality of life of all Americans by promoting voluntary standards and assessments designed to accredit developing businesses’ procedural activities.

The American Welding Society, or AWS, is like the American Concrete Institute – but for welding. They promote the advancement of the science, technology and application of welding, and other related connecting processes. With all the welding required to connect reinforcing steel and other structurally-essential joint connections, a certified inspector should provide knowledge of welding by being recognized by the AWS.

The Post-Tensioning Institute (or PTI) is another agency such as AWS or A.C.I., which seeks to provide accreditation for a specific construction discipline. Post-tensioning is a construction procedure for reinforcing concrete or other materials with steel bars. Many structures utilize post-tensioning in their construction, and Unlimited Inspection & Construction Fabrication​ is approved by PTI to inspect post-tensioning.

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