Deputy Inspection Services

Building Construction Inspection

Building construction inspection is of the utmost importance when building a structure. In fact, in construction, there is probably nothing more important then building construction inspection. The reason that building construction inspection is so important can probably be summed up in two words: building codes.

Building codes are the rules which state what the exact minimum standard level of safety for materials and construction a builder must adhere to by law when building a structure. This ensures that a structure is deemed to be safe for occupants during and after it is built. So what do codes have to do with building construction inspection you ask? Quite simply, building codes do not follow themselves. In each of the individual local jurisdictions in which the building codes hold weight, proof is required to show that they have been followed correctly. The task of providing the proof is taken on by professional companies that specialize in building construction inspections. Unlimited Inspection & Construction Fabrication is just such a company.

Unlimited Inspection & Construction Fabrication has over a decade’s worth of experience providing services to major projects all over Multnomah, Yamhill and Clackamas counties in Oregon and Clark, Cowlitz and Skamania counties in Washington State. They have been involved in numerous projects from hospitals, schools, and parks, to public works projects, parking structures and industrial, commercial, or residential structures. They maintain the highest standards of quality and professionalism in their field, and strive to provide their clients with service and solutions unparalleled in their field. This is why they continue to achieve constant success and consistent growth in their industry. Their philosophy centers around facilitating a efficient working relationship with their clients in charge of the project and the crews in the field that are doing the building. Being in close communication between both sides reduces the problems that can arise from the lack thereof.

Services are secured by the architect or engineering firm in charge of the project, or by the geological or soils firm that is providing the technical data on the site. Ideal inspectors have an exacting knowledge, skills and ability to carry out their duties for a variety of special operations and are accredited and approved by nationally recognized agencies.

Deputy has been officially recognized by such respected agencies as the International Code Council (formerly known as the International Conference of Building Officials), American Concrete Institute, American National Standards Institute, American Welding Society, and Post – Tensioning Institute. Their laboratory is a top facility also accredited by the I.C.C. and the City of Los Angeles and contains every single piece of equipment and machinery needed for any and all project needs.

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