Deputy Inspection Services

Materials Testing

Materials testing involves laboratory analysis and on-site inspection of the construction materials used for building a structure. It is important to carry out materials testing to determine if the construction materials comply with the standards as laid out by agreed upon contract requirements and building codes. Unlimited Inspections & Construction Fabrication provides their clients with the most dependable and highly accurate materials testing services in the construction industry. Their materials testing lab contains all the machinery, equipment and diagnostic tools necessary to carry out any and all requirements for construction jobs. The laboratories we use are accredited by such nationally recognized agencies such as the International Accreditation Service (IAS), ICC-ES and other local approval entities.

When a construction project is ready for materials testing, it is very important for the company performing it to be approved by the ICC-ES. What is the ICC-ES? ICC-ES stands for International Code Council – Evaluation Services. It is the result of the coming together of the United States’ four building product evaluation services, the National Evaluation Service, Inc.; BOCA International Evaluation Services; ICBO Evaluation Service, Inc.; and SBCCI Public Service Testing and Evaluation Services, Inc. It is nonprofit, public-benefit entity that assures public safety in building structures. They do this by approving manufacturers’ building material, products, components and installation methods to make sure they are compliant with building codes and safe to use for your construction job. They also accredit companies that provide construction inspection and materials testing – such a Unlimited Inspections & Construction Fabrication!

The ICC-ES doesn’t accredit just any company. They make sure that the laboratories are in accordance with such loft standards as ISO/IEC 17025 (General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories). They also make sure that companies that provide inspections are compliant with ISO/IEC 17020 (General Criteria for the Operation of Types of Bodies Performing Inspection). Unlimited Inspections & Construction Fabrication is both ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO/IEC 17020 compliant. To be fully accredited by the ICC-ES, a building inspection company must also pass the ICC-ES’s proprietary Acceptance Criteria for Inspection Agencies (AC304), which Unlimited Inspections & Construction Fabrication naturally does.

Unlimited Inspections & Construction Fabrication is dedicated to providing their clients with outstanding service, high quality solutions, and unparalleled responsiveness to their needs. Also, Unlimited Inspections & Construction Fabrication recognizes the need for flexibility. They guarantee prices that are extremely competitive and will effectively meet your requirement deadlines, whether they be as short as 3 days to a week, or longer.

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